Six key considerations before downloading Pokemon Go

It’s that moment you’ve been dreading … that time when you finally come across a friend who LOVES Pokemon Go. You are overwhelmed by a sudden rush of undesirable emotions – envy, pity and contempt. Oh man, you mean you are a practicing augmented realist? Good luck on your new addiction? And finally, how can you have so much more free time than ME?!?

I am not proud of this, but 50 years from now, do you really want your epitaph to read “I know what the Pokemon did last summer.”

Before you click ‘install’, here are some key considerations to think about:

  • Pikachu needs to rest.
  • If you have that much time in your hands, imagine what you can do if you swap it with charity work.
  • Pokemon won’t improve your cooking chops. Now that’s a vital life skill.
  • Between your Instagram addiction and Pokemon, you won’t have any friends left.
  • Nobody ever died from turning off their mobile phone.

Quick, there’s pikachu!