Day 29: Best part of writing

The best part of the writing process is the first draft. It’s the closest you can get to the writer’s mind in its raw state. Without the trimmings and the technical polish. As a writer, it’s the moment you enjoy an adrenaline rush. No hunger, no thirst, no joy, no pain. Only the superhuman energy to write a thousand words or more in one sitting.

What happens AFTER the first draft is BRUTAL.

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Day 27: We need a resolution

We started with a prayer and we ended with a prayer. Today, 60 people gathered at Sizzling Fillo to decide the fate of 260,000 Filipinos. To be united or not to be united, that is the question.

The drama unfolded back in 2010 when a group of people decided to set up a new association outside of PCC-NSW  (the umbrella association representing Filipinos in NSW). Almost 8 years later, the splinter group – APCO – has grown into an extremely capable and successfull organisation while PCC-NSW has continued on its mandate, albeit arguably, not as successful in reaching out to the mainstream as APCO has since its inception.

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Day 26: A night with geneticists

Tonight I went to a fundraiser for the Genome Integrity Unit in Westmead. I love it when a word is used correctly. Integrity in your genes is super important!

It got me thinking of my sliding doors moment. What would my life be today had I pursued a career in Science.  Women in STEM is the new black these days. Would I have pursued a life of research or would I have struck gold and discovered some breakthrough technology?

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Day 23: The Google and Giggle Economy

Call it the “Have a Giggle Economy”. Many publishers are moving towards the world of memes, satire and ridiculously funny content. That’s because it’s where the eyeballs go. WIth so much pressure in life, we all just want to look at puppies and kittens.

If it’s not viral, it’s fatal. Buying audiences is not as effective as audiences inviting everyone else to the party for you. That’s why Facebook has become an integral part of the publishing industry. It’s like the party ticket that everyone has access to.
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Day 21: Top three running routes in the city

I just finished a short jog near the Opera House and no matter how many times I take the same route, it never ceases to amaze me how lucky I am to have the harbour view so close to the office.

Last week, Fil-Oz celebrity Anne Curtis Smith was here in Sydney taking photos near the Opera House. A keen runner, she would have enjoyed the route I take if she had the time or knew about it. Anyway, for all you walkers, joggers and runners out there, here are my top three half-hour to one-hour runs that are just as exhilarating as a staycation.

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Day 20: Is it a bird?

A bird has decided to set up shop in the balcony. Free accomodation, no bond needed and the best view in town.

That this bird decided to make a nest only spitting distance away from the dining table us beyond me. It would be noisy, there would be the constant flicking of lights, the annoying sound of the coffee grinder and a host of explosions and angry dialogue from the TV. How do you even lay eggs in all that ruckus?

I’d like to think it’s because the bird thinks I’m a lovely human and I wouldn’t harm it. That or I’m the lesser of two evils. In front of me are trees full of magpies.

A magpie did come in a few days ago and looked like it spotted the nest. I even thought the birds wouldn’t come back. But a day later they did. Did you know that the mummy bird and the daddy bird take turns to protect the eggs. Talk about a 50-50 relationship.

I come home these days in fear that I’ll see eggshells on the floor and a grieving bird somewhere out there. I’m afraid that the magpies would come back, just biding their time.

Such is the effect of urbanisation. It leaves very little chance for wildlife to survive. I am hoping that against all odds the birds will complete the cycle. Rear their young and leave the nest when it’s time. The chances are slim but here’s hoping.

I told my mom about it and she said it’s a sign of good luck. She tells me that there’s a good spirit that follows me around, in the same way that there was a bird’s nest in front of out old house and the house back in the Philippines. Trust her to interpret everything as some sort of sign from the netherworld. But hey, I’ll take every ounce of luck I can get!