Diner en blanc 2014

My only criticism of this year’s Diner en Blanc is that it wasn’t long enough. To call it a ‘picnic’ is a gross understatement although it really was just a gathering of friends who brought their own food, drinks, tables and chairs to dine in a public space, which this year was Centennial Park.

But then you bring all the elements together: that everyone’s decked out in their finest whites, champagne is guaranteed to flow, flowers everywhere, candles under the moonlight, good cheese and wine, friends coming together, great music, great ambience, a chance to see the sunset in the park, be in a sea of more than 3,000 people united under the one common goal to dine and be merry, and KAPOW! – you find yourself at a ‘picnic’ you will never forget.

Not that it didn’t come with some hard work. First, you have to find out that it is happening. My friend Valerie was a table host and reminded me (twice) to register for a seat. I didn’t even know back then that this was a hot ticket to get (12,000 people were on the wait list). Once you’ve registered, you then have to plan on what to wear. Then what to bring. Then what to eat. Then how to meet with the others in the group. Then how to get home. Then how to unpack everything else that you’ve packed just eight hours earlier.

All the trouble’s worth it. We had a great time talking, laughing, drinking, eating – but mostly eating and drinking and taking photos.

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Lighting the sparklers

Checking the dance floor

I can’t do it forever!