Day 8: Random happenings that spark my creativity

Written on the bus home last night

I did not want to go for a run. I started my day at 6.30am and I would have rather gone to bed and got dinner. But I know that this is my daily struggle – every day is a choice. I told myself maybe if I can just get myself to the gym then from the gym maybe I can get myself to change and maybe … by the time I turned on my iPod I was rearing to go.
As I was weaving in and out of the tourist trail towards the Opera House and the Royal Botanic Gardens, I looked around at the people around me, most of them intoxicated as it’s Melbourne Cup today. To be honest Melbourne Cup in Sydney is a pale offering compared with the way Melbourne does it. No offense and I still love Sydney more but it truly was an explosion of bad taste in the streets. Gentlemen in cheap or poorly fitting suits, women with uninspiring fascinators and dresses that don’t match their heels. Everyone was all over, only a handful got it right. (Haha, I must sound terrible right now but it’s too-rooo!)

Back to my daily exercise regime, I’m glad that I pushed through. I took a different route this time. Around the East Asia garden and the path next to the bamboos. I was hoping for some inspiration as I passed. And then it came. I needed some tension, some parallel happenings midway through. And I found it. I wanted to stop so I can write it down before I forget but I did not have my phone or my notebook. I hung on to the idea in my head so it won’t blow away.

This is what it’s about. I like my writing to happen somewhere quiet and free from interruptions but when it comes to plotting and testing the flow of my story, whether the structure works, I want to be around random happenings: the deserted Bikes fish and chips shop at Circular Quay where the Asian owner was smiling – ready to take an order (but his shop is from the old days where ‘foodie’ wasn’t a thing but now people care about what they eat and I really feel like it’s just a matter of time before he loses his business unless he keeps up with the times!); the two Asian girls taking turns doing selfies with the Opera House; the mother taking a photo of her son in his graduation clothes, coming all the way to the Opera House for that souvenir photo (this was the one that got me emotional). This must have been a pretty big deal to their family. She didn’t know how to hold the modern camera that her son wanted her to use to take a photo – she struggled but she accepted the task, even if it’s outside her comfort zone); the Filipino-looking guy who looks like he’s visiting for the first time, on Facetime, excited to show whoever it was on the other side of the phone where he was.

All of this feeds me inside. I love how excited people are when they see the Opera House for the first time. I see it through their eyes and it makes me happy, too! So this morning I didn’t do my morning wordsprint as I volunteered to co-host the Melbourne Cup celebration in the office. Totally worth it. And again, I stuck to my resolution to work out. I will be home by 9pm. I will do a 40-min word sprint then. 🙂

Today: Wrote roughly 3,000 words last night. I had to rush the ending. I could have kept going but I needed to stick to my routine of going to bed no later than midnight (ish). I’m happy that I wrote more than 3,000 words. I wasn’t sure the story idea I had for this particular chapter would be longer than 1,600 but I was wrong!

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