Day 30: Random Notes (For Day 11)

So for some reason I skipped a day of blogging and I don’t know why or how. Only that it may have coincided with the time I had to go to the Gold Coast for a work conference. So I was writing this today as I brainstorm the story idea I wanted to write about for Nanowrimo. I do love this idea of making up what life after death looks like. It makes it less scarier that way. I’m also trying to find ways I could introduce death in the part of the novel talking about my character’s death. Anywho, this was what I got up to.


“Everything you need to know about death, you can find here.”

It was a sign at the door of a small office floating in the clouds. The office was the size of an outhouse. An office cubicle that would just squeeze two people standing.

Just a few steps away is another office. This time the size of a parking lot. There are people lining up outside the outsized glass doors. On the wall next to the entrance read:

“Death does not matter. Come inside.”

Everyone promises not to care anymore and in they go.

I peered into the walls of the office and saw people laughing, singing, chatting. Just whiling eternity in idleness. This is modern-day shangrila.

But there was something about this rickety little office that intrigued me. Inside a guy smoking a cigar was typing away. Furiously. He looked up at me, as if thinking and not really seeing me, then continued typing. He couldn’t care less if I were there or not.

“Excuse me.”


“Why am I here?”


The walls of his cubicle office exploded into pieces and I got sucked into some time-space vortex that turned my body into a mass of jelly. Only my mind was ticking.

Flashback to the day I was born, the day I took my first steps, the day I was on the shoulders of a young man, both of us in a basketball uniform, the day my father kissed me goodbye at the airport, the breaking of my piggy bank when I was 8, the day of my elementary school graduation, my drive from the airport to our new home in Sydney as I stick my hand out of the car, the day I graduated, a scene from my job as IT support, going up the elevator on my way to work and finally, the day I died.

“That flashback is missing a lot of stuff.”

“Of course. But you chose them.”

“But it’s missing ALL of my time growing up in Australia!”

“None of them mattered.”

To be continued. ..

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