Day 29 – Nanowrimo update – History

One more day before Nanowrimo ends and I must admit I have learnt so much about Philippine history in the last 29 days than all my years in primary and high school combined.

It’s interesting to go back to those days and remember how I hated studying Philippine history. For me, it was a tedious and ultimately useless memorisation of dates that so-and-so from Spain came to the Philippines and the various stages of rebellion that culminated in the 1898 liberation of the country. Only to be usurped so quickly by its liberators, the U.S.

400 years in the convent, 50 years in a bar, so they say.

Reading about Philippine history in the context of what’s happening today has made all the information I learnt more meaningful than it felt back then.

I have written 67,000 words. My aim is to write 70,000 words by Thursday, at the stroke of midnight. That would be a great achievement.

I even managed to attend a write-in in the city today. I think I was one of the oldest in the group, if not the eldest. I thought to myself, “Wow, how good is it that these young kids thought of writing their novel at such a young age. I envy them. By the time they do this year-on-year for several years, they’ll be old hands in the craft of writing. When I was their age, writing a novel didn’t even cross my mind.

Nanowrimo write-in in Sydney

Twenty nine days on, I am still excited about the prospects of my novel. And I can’t wait to see how it would look like once I get the chance to do my edit and rewrites.

I also drew inspiration from my travels in Tasmania, from the walking trail at Wineglass Bay to the art at MONA and even from the road trip covering Oatlands, Campbell Town and Orford. There is so much of Australia that I haven’t seen. Going to Tasmania certainly lifted the veil to the convict history that I once thought little about.

One more update to go.

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