Day 24: How you know you’re not a Millenial

A funny thing happened on my way between being young and getting old, I have become the invisible generation.

I say this because as much as it hurts me to admit it, I’m no longer the hottest Qualified Lead. Neither a Baby Boomer or a Millenial, I am what you can call “Additional Revenue”.

Today I went to a publishing forum where the focus was squarely on the Millenials, also known as teenagers plus a Uni degree. I don’t say this in a disparaging way. In fact, I’m jealous. While my generation is defined by a movie called “Reality Bites”, their generation is all about Augmented Reality.

They are the generation where anything is possible. You can be a publisher, a brand, an influencer or a disrupter. The only thing you can’t do, it seems, is say Hi when we’re both on the lift. I wish there’s a rule banning phones in elevators.

Ok, so here goes, fivesigns you aren’t cool and you aren’t a millenial.

1) You say “cool”. These days you are fierce, your eyebrows are on fleek and #soznotsoz. I am sure that those terms aren’t cool anymore either. You’re always lagging behind.

2) You would kill yourself before you wear short jeans that shows your bum. What the hell!?! Is nothing sacred anymore? I would hate to be a teenage boy these days. Everyone’s walking practically naked.

3) You are not a CEO of your own company. These days, if you’re 19 and you don’t have an app, album, clothing brand or modeling contract under your name, you must be GenX.

4) You have Facebook. Oh God, you mean you actually want to say hello to your nanna? Snapchat is where the young ‘uns hangout.

And finally…

5) You know you’re not a Millenial because you have a house and a car. Shame on you. ?????

This is my third blog for the day. Hoping to catch up on the days I didn’t blog.

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